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Gecko's are the only rubber tyres in the world that can be recycled back into tyres.

Puncture resistant tyres are made from many different materials. But if you do have a puncture or the tread rubs away and you want to replace it, the tyre is thrown into landfill. Traditional tyres can't be recycled. It's almost impossible to separate the materials once a tyre has been made. Our tyres are different. Made from a single material, our patented lightweight real rubber. We can turn our old tyres back into new tyres or other high value products simply and easily.


We're so confident about this, send us your old gecko tyres and we'll give you a discount on a new set!

Puncture Resistant Plastics

Special Fabric Linings

Metal Wires


Gecko Lightweight Cellular Rubber

In our world today, we think people should make every effort to build products that are good for the environment. with over 100 million bicycles made every year. That's a lot of old tyres filling holes in the ground.


Because we only use a single material we can simply grind old tyres down and put them back into the rubber making process. This is impossible to do when you mix materials and very hard if you use a plastic material like other puncture proof tyres.

The only tyre in the world that can be

recycled back into a tyre. Choose Geckos.

Environmental Performance

Not only are Gecko's the best puncture proof tyres to ride, they are also the best for the planet.

Cycling is one of the most environmentally friendly and sustainable forms of transport available. But few people know that the tyres can be damaging to the environment and if you have a puncture, you'll have to throw it away. We commissioned an independent study into the life cycle impact of our tyre compared to a leading puncture resistant one.


The results are dramatic. Our rubber tyres are 70% less damaging to the environment.


Even if we assume that both tyres last the same length of time. But since our tyres are solid, they will last much longer. If you also consider not needing the repair kits, pumps, spare tubes etc... it's clear which is better.

Carbon Intensity / Climate Change Impact

(kilograms CO2 equivalent emissions)

Leading Puncture Resistant Tyre

New Gecko Tyre

Geckos are made from a single material rather than lots of different ones combined.

Making a Gecko is simpler and less energy intensive.

Geckos don't need inner tubes or get punctures.

Gecko is 100% Recyclable.

70% less


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