The World's Best Puncture Proof Tyres!

Proudly designed, developed and made in a small British village outside Bath.







Geckos have been independently verified* as the best performing and most comfortable 100% puncture proof bicycle tyres ever made.


*by several leading bicycle manufacturers and tyre companies around the world.

Oh, and if that wasn't enough, they are also the world's most environmentally sustainable tyre too!

"We found their non-pneumatic, totally puncture proof versions very impressive" - Electric Bike Report, read their full review here

Gecko tyres offer a true 'fit and forget' solution to all your cycling needs. Never change a tyre again.

Tyre problems should not be something

you ever have to worry about.

Used by Police and NHS services in the Bristol area and on several city share schemes (for many years now) across the country.



Geckos can't ever let you down.

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Geckos are the hassle free tyre for your hire fleet, city share scheme, commuter or that rarely used bike in the garage.

Currently available in 26" or 700 sizes* have a look at our performance and sustainability pages for more information.


*26” x 1.5" (to fit wheel rim size: ETRTO 559 x 19)

*700 x 40 (to fit wheel rim size: ETRTO 622 x 19)





Fitting other solid tyres has always been a nightmare...


So watch our 'how to fit' video to see how ours are easier than conventional tyres! 2 minutes to fit and go.

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You can download instructions on how to measure your ETRTO wheel size here:


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